Top 5 books on web design

5 great books for a beginner web designer

Books that will be useful as a novice web-designer, and an experienced specialist.

Design for the real world


The book of the world-famous American designer and teacher on the tasks and role of the designer in the modern world, on design ethics, on new principles and methods of design, on design as a universal form of human activity that integrates a variety of knowledge, as well as a new system for training designers.








Irina Kochetkova

Web designer Danira web-design studio

I recommend reading to everyone whose work is related to design and those who simply love design. This book is about design philosophy. Papanek talks about the role of design in our world, that design should benefit people, solve their problems and not harm the environment.

Living typography


This book will be interesting and useful to students, future and current graphic designers. For those who still do not know much about the font and typography, but who will have to work with the design of the text, for those who are interested in it – mainly for the designers.










Emotional web design


In addition to being functional, reliable, and convenient, the interface should also be a pleasure for users. Walter gives practical advice on how to achieve this and gives some rather interesting examples that I want to try right away.










Irina Kochetkova

Web designer Danira web-design studio

The book is based on real examples of sites. Reads easily and quickly. We consider completely different approaches to design, their pros and cons, as well as the real benefits that site owners have received by using them at home. The author of the book is a designer in the well-known and successful company Mailchimp.

Art of color


Johannes Itten shares observations of color in nature and works of art from various times and peoples. In the book you can get acquainted with the basics of color science, namely with the concept of color and its formation, the subjective aspect of the relationship to color, contrast, you can learn about the mixing of colors, the relationship of form and color, different color theory, etc.








Design thinking in business


Written by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, one of the most successful design companies in the world, and according to Fast Company magazine, is also “the most titled company in the world engaged in the design of new products”.

A book for pragmatists in business and designers in the shower. And also for managers, project managers, as well as all those who want to catch new ideas on the fly and skillfully dodge creative crises.