Advantages of creating landing page

Landing Page is a separate page specially designed to provide the visitor with the minimum necessary amount of information about a product or service, interest it, retain it and encourage it to take the necessary action. Landing page is developed for a specific advertising campaign, in case you need to urgently sell (offer) a large quantity of a certain product. Landing Page greatly increases the conversion of traffic during site promotion (average for landing page 5-10%).

Who should definitely get a landing page

  • 1
  • Small businesses

    Who would not want to spend large sums on the development of the site, and also strive to achieve high sales in a short time

  • 3
  • Test product

    If you are not yet sure that the product will be of interest to customers, you should first test it using the landing page.

  • 2
  • Educational resources

    Which offer to attend a webinar, a seminar, any courses.

  • 4
  • Selling a single product, service

    Landing is ideal for those who offer only one product or one service. Although many of these pages are only the beginning of acquaintance with a large resource, almost half of them are aimed at selling one service or one product.

The price of creating a landing page

The price of developing a landing page in our company starts from 200 USD. The cost of landing page depends on the product sold, the complexity of the design and animations. When ordering integrated services (development of the landing page, internal optimization, contextual advertising), a system of discounts from 10% to 20% is applied.